Terms and Conditions

Making a booking/Cancellations/Failed collections:

 Once a booking form has been filled in on our website and a confirmation email has been sent, the customer agrees the form they have submitted and our confirmation email creates a service agreement. Cancellations will only be accepted by phone, 20% of the agreed charge in the service agreement will still be payable by the customer after cancellation. In each service agreement, the customer is given a set time frame for motorcycle delivery UK to carry out the job. We will endeavour to make collection & deliveries within the timeframes given but on occasions there are instances that will make it impossible. If we go over the timeframe given for collection and delivery then no cancellation charges will be brought if the customer wishes to cancel.We will contact the collection point the day before collection to give a 2 hour time slot. We will contact the delivery point the day before delivery to give a 2 hour time slot. We try our best to accommodate requests for pick up/delivery times, however our say is final and if collection/delivery points can't be available for the time slots we give then we can't guarantee to stay within the given timeframes, the customer understands the need for flexibilty at both collection and delivery points before making a booking.

If a cancellation is made after the collection has been arranged with the sender, 100% of the collection and delivery charge will be due.

If we attempt a collection after it has been arranged and agreed but are unable to carry out the collection safely for any reason, 100% of the total collection/delivery charge will be payable.

Delivery ETA's:

 The time slots we give for collection and delivery are estimated times of arrival, on delivery day customers agree to be flexible and wait in or provide a alternative delivery address within 5 miles of the original delivery address. If no one can be available and no alternative delivery address can be given then the Motorbike may have to come back to our base and another delivery charge made. More details can be found on our Frequently Asked Question page.

Waiting time:

 Our drivers will only wait for a maximum of 15 minutes free at a Collection/Delivery point, after which we will wait an additional 30 mins and an extra charge of £20 will be levied. After 45 minutes the bike will be returned to our base and another full delivery charge will be made.

Motorbike Keys, Logbooks and Service history:

 We are not responsible for collecting and delivering the above, we request before a customer makes a booking that any paperwork/Keys are either posted or attached securely to the Motorbike we are transporting. We will not accept responsibility for lost paperwork/Keys or service history that was not securely attached to the motorbike to which it belongs.

Spare parts, panniers etc:

 We don't charge extra for detachable panniers and a small amount of motorbike parts (if agreed by Motorcycle Delivery UK by Email), however because we don't charge extra we expect them to be boxed. We will not accept claims for damage to panniers or parts that are not SECURELY boxed/Wrapped. ALL parts to travel with the Motorbike MUST be declared on the booking form at the time of booking. Motorcycle Delivery UK will accept NO responsibility for any parts/panniers that are not declared on the booking form, they will be left at the collection point, it will be totally the customers responsibility to then arrange shipping at their own cost for such parts/panniers and Motorcycle Delivery UK must be paid in FULL for delivering the Motorbike. Boxes must be no bigger than 2ftx2ftx2ft per bike carried and weigh no more than 15kgs and be clearly labelled up with delivery details. Extra charges could apply to anything outside these parameters. Please check our collection & Deliveries page for more details.

 Making a claim for damages:

 Any damage to delivered motorbikes that is thought by the customer to have happened in transit must be brought to the delivery drivers attention, once our driver has left the delivery address no claims for damages will be accepted. Each driver is fully insured to carry your motorbike as explained on our about us page.

Payment for services:

 We always require payment in cash on delivery to our driver unless otherwise agreed before the customer makes a booking. Any customer wanting to pay any other way when our driver arrives agree to pay a 10% handling charge.

Motorway tolls, Bridge tolls and City Congestion charges will be charged extra to delivery charges, these will have to be paid in full on delivery by the customer as well as the transport charge.

Any questions about our terms & conditions please contact Scott Wood.

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